Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obsessed with... Asymmetrical Zara Shoes Spring 2011

As I grow older, I realize life is all about choices. Not to get too philosophical on your ass, but it's true. Since I have two delta tickets bought for two different destinations, one for love and the other one for love and an amazing tropical vacation (mostly for the second hehe), I am, literally, avoiding shopping. Imagine me walking fast past the stores trying to stare into my blackberry and not into the windows. Well, that's me now. However, that doesn't stop me from posting photos of things I wish I could buy, like these shoes from Zara. But these kind of shoes I never feel comfortable in. They always hurt my feet, really. So I don't care I can't buy them. Seriously, I don't care. I really don't care!!

(maybe if I repeat that to myself enough times I will actually believe it)


  1. They r SO uncomfortable Ana . Tried them on at Zara I couldnt even stand up but I have to admit they look nice :)

    ....regarding this shoes :) great outfit too

  3. Vorei comprarle!mi aiuteresti a trovarle ?miserveil 37


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