Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

smooth and toned.

Carrie Underwood's legs. But let's face it, I will not do the work to get legs like those.

P.S. The dress isn't half bad either.

Obsessed with... a white blazer 'cos it's time for SUMMER!

I am dying for a white blazer. It would just go perfectly with ANYTHING! Unless you fail and pair it with something that makes you look like a douche, but nobody can help you there.

Zara White Tailored Blazer - $79.99 now on discount.
You know where I am going after work this Thursday?

This I would do!

Ripped shorts, white T, red blazer minus the manic crowd (as if that one would ever happen to ME).

How to travel

Get a clue from some celebrities. Although I am not a big fan of high heels in airplanes due to swelling of the legs (cue grandma comment), I sure do love to look good while traveling. I think it's a consequence of seeing too many sweatpants/UGGs combinations in my life. Burn! Burn! Burn them all!

P.S. Bring a sweater, it can get chilly, and DON'T fly Spirit.


A bit much, but it's still quasi casual

Comfy and cute

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Please give me your stuff: Rihanna

This has been in the works for a long time. Since I have been so busy doing other stuff, ahem ahem, these days I haven't devoted my time to browsing the web for just the perfect pics (even though I have a folder of them that could last me a few months at least). However, finding the right moment to post something is as essential as the image itself. I have to be in the mood to post it, for it to exactly explain my feelings, my obsession and mood of the moment. The images capture me and my thoughts of the moment. Not just my thoughts of fashion but my thoughts of life. 

As any other fashion obsessed, I seek inspiration in others, whether it be a passerby going to work or an amazing editorial, there is always something there to capture my attention, to inspire me to match up this skirt with this shirt. Something to change my style, to pull me to do something different, something new, something that I have never wore before. Who better to inspire me than Rihanna. Not only is her music the absolutely booty shakin' kind, but her style never seizes to surprise. I think that's exactly what's fun about fashion. It gives you a way to express yourself and explore different parts of your personality. You are what other people see you to be. I believe she understands that more than anyone else and she is never afraid to show herself. Rihanna is a true inspiration.

I love how her style has changed from when she had blonde hair and when she has red one... It's as if she took on another personality. She was much more tougher before but recently she has embraced her feminine side and all the high waisted flirty skirts followed. I can't wait for her next transformation.

Oh those shoes and oh that bag...

"She died of perfection"
plus white socks with high heels? Only Rihanna can pull that off

Lady like

so hard...yeah yeah hard

Casual prefection

This photo has ended up in every possible magazine, and for a reason. 

High waisted skirts, her best friends 

gray never looked so sexy

High waisted again, ah

clubbing anyone?

housewife anyone?

jeans shirt

the only leopard dress I would wear


this is pure love...

the old rihanna

just wow

nobody wants to mess with her...

Crisp lady-like white suit saved for last...

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