Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beats: Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick feat. Shawnee Taylor - Live Your Life

Feeling down? Your boyfriend dumped you? You hate your job? You are tired? Or even if you are just bored... put this up high and enjoy... it's the ultimate pick me up song!! Love love love it.


The New Year's Eve Dress

This is a constant dilemma of mine - what to wear for that special night awaiting the New Year? While I am looking at my closet, with puppy dog eyes, a sight comes out and I, again, realize I don't have anything to wear. How many of you have had this feeling? Let me guess. All. But this night is even worse than a regular weekend desperation. If you are doing something glamorous and amazing, as you should, you want to be your most beautiful, sexy, and mesmerizing self. What I would suggest is to always choose the shape of the dress that fits you best. That will decrease your shopping time in half. Just look for the right pattern. 

What I suggest as choices for this New Years is either something over the top sparkling and sequenced, or plain, beautiful, womanly, I mean like Marilyn Monroe womanly, RED. It's one night when you can wear ANY color you want, and as many sparkles (well, don't overdo it, everything should be done with class, hide some things, reveal others). So I say, throw the old black dress deep in the closet and pick out something daring, come into the new year confident, full of energy and brilliant!

A good cut out dress is very flattering.

Make sure the sequencing is a good quality one, since the cheaper one's will look....well, cheap. A good friend Ish taught me that.

Check out these options:

now it's only $46.55!! Can't get better than that.
I love Asos, it has an amazing selection and I just discovered it recently.

so simple but so girly and beautiful

I have always loved French Connection sequinsed dresses but they are on the expensive side, and thus I never got one :)

now $80.00
just shine baby!

And the classic Zara dress 
the star of their evening collection
if you can find it in stores
good luck
it's about $80 dollars I believe

That will be all, enjoy your New Years, look mesmerizing, feel even better, dance and have fun fun.

I am going to continue to get ready for my Barcelona/Paris trip. I have picked out all my outfits and they are already in the suitcase. Minor preparations to go. I still don't believe I'm going. I will try to stay away from stores, really, I promise.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Beauty: Red Lips

What's definitely the holiday must have? Gorgeous luscious red lips. They are popping out in editorials, magazine covers, on runways and on the streets. The womanly red is back. Don't be ashamed to put it on as it goes with dark and light hair. Do a subtle shadow on top, or if you are going for the dramatic look, a beautiful cat eye, or just leave the top bare. It makes every outfit glamorous.

The Allure Beauty Awards winner for red lipstick is the LancĂ´me L'Absolu Rouge Lipcolor in Absolute Rouge, $29
Also try the Mac Viva Glam lipstick, $15

The one that I am using, is the cheapest of them all but I absolutely love it. It's one of those that doesn't come off for hours, not for kissing, eating, drinking - really, all the things you will do when wearing lipstick, unless you're one of those people just standing like a doll when you come out, or constantly on the phone, in which case, don't read my blog. Hehehe. It's the L'oreal Infallible Beyonce's Red Lipstick, only $8. I absolutely love it. It's sort of becoming my new thing.

Be daring! Wear red!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Eye Candy: Jon Kortajarena

Since I saw him in "A Single Man" movie, I can't stop seeing him in every major advertising campaign. My absolute favorite model right now. I mean, no words are necessary. Dot dot dot.

For more juice - Profile

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Obsessed with... FURRRR

Now, all those animal lovers out there. I understand. I am not making you wear fur, and the same way, you shouldn't make me not wear it :). But stay calm. I don't own a real piece of fur anyway, since they are way too expensive. So I have to get by with some look-a-likes. The trick is to find the one that doesn't look like a dead animal, but stylish and glamorous. Here are some wonderfully expensive examples... ah... the world of fantasy in magazines.

note the furryliscious Yves Saint Laurent shoes. Heaven.

With this you can have some ideas how to wear it. It can go in any combination. Actually, the more sporty the outfit is, the more I like the fur on top of it. Don't take this statement to the extremes, I'm not saying your ugly high school sweats + fur make really good babies. No no oh really No. However, play it up with jeans, military boots, a cute hat, some knits thrown on. Make yourself comfy and warm, because there is nothing that will keep you warmer than fur (for the romantics out there, if any left, love can still be the ultimate heater).

Now - the more realistic options, girls. With fur you have to be really careful. These are good options, but you don't really know what you are buying until you see it. I've found that darker furs look "less" fake. So I would say go with that. Bebe has many great faux fur options this season, not many on their online website, so hit the road ladies. 

I'm not a big fan of the last option, two toned furs can get a big messy when they are fake. Stick to solid dark colors. 

Also, plumpier girls... I suggest you don't wear fur that just adds an extra (heavy) layer. Option for the belted version, or if you must do it, shorter one. Accentuate your good parts, not the bad ones.

A little extra for fur crazies: Fur Bags are all the craze. I saw one in H&M this afternoon but I believe Aldo has a better version, and a better quality one, if you can call it that way.

This Dolce and Gabbana one is creazy cute, even though I am not a big fan of the brand.

Let's get back to Earth
nice landing
wasn't it?

If I don't stop shopping soon, I will have no money left to spend in Paris. Seriously.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beats: Teo Moss and Jeremy Reyes - Speed up

Added to my wish list... - H&M jacket

The new H&M Spring 2011 collection photos are out and there is one item which I am especially crazy about... This ammmmmazing suede jacket. It will be $199 and I don't know if I will go all out and buy it, but I sure wish I  would!

For more of the collection visit Miss at la playa blog post

Obsessed with... Over over the knee boots

These Burberry boots for Fall 2010 are miraculous! It might be a little weird to put on boot/pants, but with shorts and a short skirt, the outcome is amazing, as modeled by Sarah Stephens for Tangent magazine.

To give you cheaper options than Burberry, Aldo has some pretty good ones, and a sale is going on. As usual in these times :). It might not be the "real deal" but it comes close, and let's not go crazy in this economy. 

The Aldo Manzi boot is only 179.00 and it's leather. 
The Aldo Bullins boot is even cheaper, 120, but for this price we have to say hello to synthetics.

One is a dream, the others are the reality. I always say that going into an expensive store and buying everything you want without looking at the price (every girls dream) is in reality nothing special. There is no searching, deciding, weighing your options, and in the end you don't appreciate what you bought. You have to look at catwalks and find the same things in a much cheaper version. That's the fun of it and not to mention that you have to be very creative. Look at us girls, we have the biggest smile on our faces when we get out of the store with just the right boots. Now that's shopping!
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