Monday, November 29, 2010

Beats: C-BooL feat. Isabelle - Body & Soul

This song is great... Imagine it on sick sound system with the base thumping and the people jumping. Ah, what a feeling.

Homme - Alfie, oh Alfie

Now, some juice for the men...even though they probably will never look at this. However, they have "us", the women, to make them all sparkling and new. So get going ladies, buy them some stuff, the worse they can do is say they will never wear it and then you can return it to the store with the already saved receipt. 

Take some cues from the movie Alfie, who is smashingly played by Jude Law (note the use of a common British word smashing). Perfectly tailored suits, real "euro" style. I love the skinny ties, the one tone suit, tie, shirt combination, and pretty much every frame of the movie in which is Jude Law. But you know, I pay attention to the clothes (ahem, right). Alfie's life doesn't turn out that well by the end of the movie, but he sure does keep his style up.

May all men be so handsome and well dressed as in this movie. My second holiday wish.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cheap and chic - Aldo Cyphert Bag

I am big fan of expensive brands, but it is more of an art museum kind of relationship. You go to admire the art that you will never see on your walls. That's how it is with me and luxury goods. I admire the style and the trends, and when I'm done with that, I try to find the best and cheapest version of it in the stores that us, mere mortals, can afford.
This is why I sometimes love Aldo bags. From time to time they put out this great style of a bag that is made cheaply but doesn't look cheap. I have an evening "chanel" chain style aldo bag that always looks great and has been holding through my late night clubbing without a rip, for about a year or more.
This Birkin like bag comes in three great colors. I love the beige. It will dress up any outfit and the extra long belt makes it comfortable to wear. Did I tell you the good part? It's only 45 dollars. Jump to it girls.
Added to my holiday wish list.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beats: Michael Canitrot - Desire (Richard Earnshaw's Classic Vocal Mix)

This song is everywhere in the city, if you listen carefully... But the classic house beat and vocals get me every time. Enjoy...

Get your knits on!

What I really love about this winter is the fact that chunky sweaters have become all the rage. They are not the sweaters your grandmother buys you for Christmas anymore, they have become an addition to your fashion full closet. So I am glad to pile up the layers this year, because I know that it not only feels great but looks good. Here are some examples of crazy knits. Don't be afraid to belt them, play them up with some nice thicker stockings, maybe over the knee sweater socks, and add some winter shorts. The look is warm, cozy, and looks great.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beats: The opening song

This song is just amazing, and since I have Paris on my mind, it's just perfect.

Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix Feat. Au Revoir Simone)

Obsessed with...military green

The thing about fashion and me is.... it has been a growing fascination of mine. It started when I was ordering Seventeen magazine and Cosmo girl from anyone coming from the US. This is when the obsession with magazines and fashion was born. My complete mesmerization has only grown since, and I walk the streets looking at the people, not their faces as much as their clothes. The magazines in my room pile up, and I don't have the heart to throw them out, or at least until I rip out a piece of heaven from them. That right skirt, that gorgeous dress, or that perfect scarf. Here I am, to share my obsession with others. I was searching for the right first post, but there is no right... the point is to just do it.

The military green is just everywhere. The right jacket I haven't been so lucky to find, well, not the one that fits my budget that is. But these are just amazing. One is worn by Anja Rubik, a gorgeous Croatian model. 

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