Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cheap and chic - Aldo Cyphert Bag

I am big fan of expensive brands, but it is more of an art museum kind of relationship. You go to admire the art that you will never see on your walls. That's how it is with me and luxury goods. I admire the style and the trends, and when I'm done with that, I try to find the best and cheapest version of it in the stores that us, mere mortals, can afford.
This is why I sometimes love Aldo bags. From time to time they put out this great style of a bag that is made cheaply but doesn't look cheap. I have an evening "chanel" chain style aldo bag that always looks great and has been holding through my late night clubbing without a rip, for about a year or more.
This Birkin like bag comes in three great colors. I love the beige. It will dress up any outfit and the extra long belt makes it comfortable to wear. Did I tell you the good part? It's only 45 dollars. Jump to it girls.
Added to my holiday wish list.


  1. I luv your evening channel style bag! and they don't sell birkin likes at aldo in bg :/

  2. en route to Aldo for lunch break ;)


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