Monday, November 29, 2010

Homme - Alfie, oh Alfie

Now, some juice for the men...even though they probably will never look at this. However, they have "us", the women, to make them all sparkling and new. So get going ladies, buy them some stuff, the worse they can do is say they will never wear it and then you can return it to the store with the already saved receipt. 

Take some cues from the movie Alfie, who is smashingly played by Jude Law (note the use of a common British word smashing). Perfectly tailored suits, real "euro" style. I love the skinny ties, the one tone suit, tie, shirt combination, and pretty much every frame of the movie in which is Jude Law. But you know, I pay attention to the clothes (ahem, right). Alfie's life doesn't turn out that well by the end of the movie, but he sure does keep his style up.

May all men be so handsome and well dressed as in this movie. My second holiday wish.


  1. he gives fashion/style advice throughout the movie himself...

  2. haha I totally second each + every word here!


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