Thursday, January 27, 2011

Victoria's Secret Swim 2011

While New York City is covered by large amounts of snow and my face still aches from the, not so cute, snowflakes hitting my face last night, I catch myself continuously dreaming of a paradise beach. Wearing nothing more than a bikini and some SPF, basking in the sun, is really all that I would want in this moment. Add a strawberry mojito or a strawberry caipirinha, a soft kiss from my bf, and I am in heaven. 

So I have decided to lure you into my imaginative world of high temperatures and skimpy clothes with the Victoria's Secret new swim collection. I wanted to show you my favorites. I am absolutely in love with bandeau tops for about two years now, for one very specific reason - they give you the perfect tan lines making it possible to wear your favorite summer strapless dresses. Although they do make your girlfriends seem smaller, you can choose the push up bandeau top to make up for that, if you care so much.

Get lost in these new looks, ignore the cold and the snow outside, and imagine you are on your perfect little deserted island, with the most amazing tan, with no work, no cell phone, even no internet, just the sun, the water and you (and possibly a refreshing alcoholic beverage).

This adorable white ruffle cheeky bottom is on the top of my list.
It makes flat bottoms look perky, and the pop out one's very noticeable, to say the least.

The perfect Bandeau Bikinis

There was always something about black bikinis that I loved. 
They are sexy and seductive. The Brazilian bottom is just for the daring.

But there is nothing more fun and summery than to put on a colorful bikini. 
They can be very sexy too.

This is absolutely, positively, the best bargain. 
It comes in great colors and you can get whichever bottom fits your body best, and they are so cute. I have it in neon pink from last year.

To finish it off, this will be my summer beach uniform.
Sexy cut jeans shorts, cute bikini, flowy cover up, a fedora hat and comfortable sandals.
Love it.

Keep dreaming about the summer.
I hope the snow goes away soon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please give me your stuff: Miroslava Duma

Ever passed by some outrageously, gorgeously dressed girl and want to take all her clothes and make a run for it? Well I have. What?

Well in the case of Miroslava Duma, I would take her whole closet. She was the youngest fashion editor of Harpers Bazaar of Russia. I think she is just the perfect young-fashion-know-it-all. Her elegant and sporty looks are styled to perfection, and she wears some things that I wanted to, but never dared to try - like socks with sandals. If she can do it, why can't I? I mean, my sandals and socks would be about 95% cheaper, but hey, I am not a Russian fashion editor!

Take a look at her impeccable looks. The latest pictures of her were of her pregnant, and can I mention that she is the most beautifully dressed pregnant woman ever. But that's for another post, for another life phase.


Monochrome suit - just amazing.This makes me want to get a real job where suits are a requirement. I wonder how would brokers look at me if I show up in an office like this. 

Dare I say anything about this outfit? I just love love love it. And I don't even like camouflage.

Mmmmmmm. I will think about reopenning my headband collection.

I want my hair to grow and looks exactly like this.


Another suit I would die for.

This is my clubbing outfit. 
I love her obsession with leather jackets. They really toughen up any outfit. Contrasts are key.

This is the first picture I had of her, and I wondered who is this girl. I love this photo. 

Get inspired!

cmok (mwah in Serbian) <3

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Golden Globes 2011 Dresses

I'm going to go with the bunch and post my favorites from the Golden Globes. Does anyone watch it for the actual awards anymore? I would have, if I wasn't stuck at work. Plus, I love Ricky Gervais, he has smart jokes in his stand-ups.

I have to say that it does annoy me that the wives of famous actors never get the attention they deserve for their dresses.

First three places are Sandra Bullock, Emma Stone and Eva Longoria.
The best dressed in men was Robert Downey Jr. Yes, because he didn't wear black (and because he has that little something)

Let me know your favorites!


My absolute favorite. Sandra Bullock. Love her hair, her dress, everything.

Emma Stone
 I love the minimalism of this dress. Gorgeous.

Eva Longoria
And you can see she hangs out with Victoria Beckham. She wears much more black.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Men's Fashion


I have been away for some time, I was in Paris and Barcelona and I've enjoyed every minute of it, but I have to say that I didn't have enough time to update my blog. But I am back with a little bit of a different post, and much much longer. It is meant to open our eyes and lure us into the world of men's fashion. There are so many more possibilities than just a shirt and pants, guys, but even that sometimes can be done to perfection. 

I think it is a good time to influence your men to try something new girls! Maybe if you go shopping for him a little bit, he wont feel like you are wasting your time shopping all the time ;). People are selfish creatures, so if he gets something, he might look at your shopping addiction from a different angle. Scarves are beautiful additions and they don't have to drag the outfit to the metrosexual side. They can be just as manly. Pay attention to the mixtures of sporty and elegant pieces. 

I love the shots of Tommy Ton, the street style photographer of GQ and the Jack and Jil blog, where most of them are from. And of course, the famous Sartorialist.  

And last but not least is some eye candy, from the Jack and Jil blog post of Male Models leaving the Dolce & Gabbana show. You see? I go around collecting the best of the best.

Now go educate your man in style, or if he is not up for it, just buy him the piece, and deny him sex until he wears it. Hehehehehe. Just kidding, just kidding...

Milan Vukmirovic, a French designer of obvious Serbian decent by name and good looks :), is recognizable on every major fashion blog. He is praised for his personal and proffesional style. He is perfect casual hunky. You can read an interview with him here.

Here are a few shots of him, one by the Sartorialist and others by Tommy Ton. 

And now... the Eye Candy.

 Superman anyone?

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