Friday, January 14, 2011

Men's Fashion


I have been away for some time, I was in Paris and Barcelona and I've enjoyed every minute of it, but I have to say that I didn't have enough time to update my blog. But I am back with a little bit of a different post, and much much longer. It is meant to open our eyes and lure us into the world of men's fashion. There are so many more possibilities than just a shirt and pants, guys, but even that sometimes can be done to perfection. 

I think it is a good time to influence your men to try something new girls! Maybe if you go shopping for him a little bit, he wont feel like you are wasting your time shopping all the time ;). People are selfish creatures, so if he gets something, he might look at your shopping addiction from a different angle. Scarves are beautiful additions and they don't have to drag the outfit to the metrosexual side. They can be just as manly. Pay attention to the mixtures of sporty and elegant pieces. 

I love the shots of Tommy Ton, the street style photographer of GQ and the Jack and Jil blog, where most of them are from. And of course, the famous Sartorialist.  

And last but not least is some eye candy, from the Jack and Jil blog post of Male Models leaving the Dolce & Gabbana show. You see? I go around collecting the best of the best.

Now go educate your man in style, or if he is not up for it, just buy him the piece, and deny him sex until he wears it. Hehehehehe. Just kidding, just kidding...

Milan Vukmirovic, a French designer of obvious Serbian decent by name and good looks :), is recognizable on every major fashion blog. He is praised for his personal and proffesional style. He is perfect casual hunky. You can read an interview with him here.

Here are a few shots of him, one by the Sartorialist and others by Tommy Ton. 

And now... the Eye Candy.

 Superman anyone?

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