Thursday, January 27, 2011

Victoria's Secret Swim 2011

While New York City is covered by large amounts of snow and my face still aches from the, not so cute, snowflakes hitting my face last night, I catch myself continuously dreaming of a paradise beach. Wearing nothing more than a bikini and some SPF, basking in the sun, is really all that I would want in this moment. Add a strawberry mojito or a strawberry caipirinha, a soft kiss from my bf, and I am in heaven. 

So I have decided to lure you into my imaginative world of high temperatures and skimpy clothes with the Victoria's Secret new swim collection. I wanted to show you my favorites. I am absolutely in love with bandeau tops for about two years now, for one very specific reason - they give you the perfect tan lines making it possible to wear your favorite summer strapless dresses. Although they do make your girlfriends seem smaller, you can choose the push up bandeau top to make up for that, if you care so much.

Get lost in these new looks, ignore the cold and the snow outside, and imagine you are on your perfect little deserted island, with the most amazing tan, with no work, no cell phone, even no internet, just the sun, the water and you (and possibly a refreshing alcoholic beverage).

This adorable white ruffle cheeky bottom is on the top of my list.
It makes flat bottoms look perky, and the pop out one's very noticeable, to say the least.

The perfect Bandeau Bikinis

There was always something about black bikinis that I loved. 
They are sexy and seductive. The Brazilian bottom is just for the daring.

But there is nothing more fun and summery than to put on a colorful bikini. 
They can be very sexy too.

This is absolutely, positively, the best bargain. 
It comes in great colors and you can get whichever bottom fits your body best, and they are so cute. I have it in neon pink from last year.

To finish it off, this will be my summer beach uniform.
Sexy cut jeans shorts, cute bikini, flowy cover up, a fedora hat and comfortable sandals.
Love it.

Keep dreaming about the summer.
I hope the snow goes away soon.

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