Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please give me your stuff: Miroslava Duma

Ever passed by some outrageously, gorgeously dressed girl and want to take all her clothes and make a run for it? Well I have. What?

Well in the case of Miroslava Duma, I would take her whole closet. She was the youngest fashion editor of Harpers Bazaar of Russia. I think she is just the perfect young-fashion-know-it-all. Her elegant and sporty looks are styled to perfection, and she wears some things that I wanted to, but never dared to try - like socks with sandals. If she can do it, why can't I? I mean, my sandals and socks would be about 95% cheaper, but hey, I am not a Russian fashion editor!

Take a look at her impeccable looks. The latest pictures of her were of her pregnant, and can I mention that she is the most beautifully dressed pregnant woman ever. But that's for another post, for another life phase.


Monochrome suit - just amazing.This makes me want to get a real job where suits are a requirement. I wonder how would brokers look at me if I show up in an office like this. 

Dare I say anything about this outfit? I just love love love it. And I don't even like camouflage.

Mmmmmmm. I will think about reopenning my headband collection.

I want my hair to grow and looks exactly like this.


Another suit I would die for.

This is my clubbing outfit. 
I love her obsession with leather jackets. They really toughen up any outfit. Contrasts are key.

This is the first picture I had of her, and I wondered who is this girl. I love this photo. 

Get inspired!

cmok (mwah in Serbian) <3


  1. aahhhh.... socks and sandals... try that in bg :( i sve ostalo je tako savrseno!

  2. Love them all !! Sometimes u can be ugly as hell and a perfect outfit can make the difference. In her case she has it all :)


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