Friday, April 29, 2011

Beats: Toddla T - Take it Back

I don't want this to become a just fashion blog so I am giving you this awesome track by Toddla T, first single from his new album. Love it. Play it. Obsesses about it.

just lounging by the pool in my stilletos

I love the textures and colors on these photos. And I love Hilary Rhoda. She has this ultimately beautiful face. Just pure beauty. I wish I could wear a 1000 something dollar blazer to just strut in front of the pool on my upcoming Acapulco vacation. Not yet at least. Always stay optimistic. That's my motto. Sometimes. That is, when I'm not pessimistic.


Now of course, it's the body, the boobs, the tan, but nude is great. The queen of great actually. But please, oh please, if you have love handles, or that (you think it's cute, but no one else agrees) belly, a tight dress is not for you, especially in nude. Unless you want to look like a dead beat baby momma that is standing in her "luxurious" front yard in the ghetto next to a boom-box playing and with a red cup in her hand. Opt for a belted flirty top and those tight, a bit high-wested jeans that hide all the mushy stuff, for the love of god, and us.

I guess I have seen way too many bellies today on the streets. I had to vent.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A basic can be divine: 43 ways to wear a white tee

Yesterday I bought a really simple white t-shirt and I just loved the texture, that it's a bit slouchy and a little bit see through. The combinations just started popping up in my head and I was just amazed with how many things and in how many ways I can wear this $10 dollars shirt. Belt it, wear with a skirt, a blazer... endless possibilities.

H&M white tee - $9.95

Take the cue from celebs, they all agree on one thing - a white tee is essential, even on the red carpet. Look at, get inspired and copy. Remember to add some killer heels. I know I will!

White tee queen - Frankie Sanford


white tee suited to perfection!

Miroslava Duma is always a favorite

Repeat blogging this photo, because it's that good!

Classic Victoria Beckham - <3
For Mina

black carpet looks with a white tee?

Most photos are from the vogue diaries which I absolutely adore, others from elle, sartorialist, and just random.

How would you wear it?
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