Thursday, April 7, 2011

Obsessed with... Tarte Bronzing Leg Stick

So...I am still getting ready for the summer, and there is no summer in sight. So while I am engulfing myself in yet another layer of sweaters, scarves and coats, and while my sweet dreams of open toe sandals flutter away, I am in Sephora buying a bronzing leg stick. You know... to bronze my legs...for all those summer dresses. Don't mind me, I am just hopeless, but this thing is really amazing. It gives an unbelievable shimmering color that doesn't look pasty or too fake. Since I am definitely not a UV-cancer-prematurely-aging fake tanning advocate, or the one that colors herself into a yellowish brown (I've done that though, something I am NOT proud of), I would go for this. For all those short-shorts days of summer when you are going out with your friends, finding a seat in a crowded patio and sipping on a delicious strawberry margarita. Oh! Brain freeze!

Some photos from the SF stores Spring 2011 Look Book. I am in love with the colors and the cowboy/hippie style. 

Boots + shorts = love
Now THOSE are bronzed legs ;)
Buy at Sephora - $30

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