Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashion Hatter's Blog Party

Now here is a an almost-middle-of-the-year resolution (who even said you can have resolutions only around new years, what if I choose to have a resolution every day, huh huh? I do whatever I want!) - wear more hats. The more styles I see, matched with various outfits, and fitting in so perfectly, I have become a hat-seeker. To be honest, hats usually look really good of me (oh you're so modest) since I am, like, a gorgeous looking girl (oh please, go on) but I have found them to be... too set up, too planned, too dressy, too showy. So I have stick to not wearing them most of the time. Although I have fallen in love with a cute fedora that I bought at St. Mark's place here in my lovely NY (for those of you unfamiliar with the little street that sells everything from jewelry to bongs, an NYU student's favorite hang out spot). I have been so far hat-shy. But it will all change! I started it off by buying another cute fedora at H&M last week, eagerly awaiting my upcoming long weekend in Mexico. Here is my inspiration for the hats to come. 

Also, the hats are not the only thing on the photos, what they wear with it is the other half of the story.

<3 cmok

This is California 1 - Coachella

This is California 2 - Coachella

So summery - California Girl

This is California, as well :) - Vanessa Hudgens 
Now THIS is Paris

Don't be afraid to go bold,
but then you have to have the courage to wear it!

This is Madrid

And this is London :)

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