Thursday, December 23, 2010

The New Year's Eve Dress

This is a constant dilemma of mine - what to wear for that special night awaiting the New Year? While I am looking at my closet, with puppy dog eyes, a sight comes out and I, again, realize I don't have anything to wear. How many of you have had this feeling? Let me guess. All. But this night is even worse than a regular weekend desperation. If you are doing something glamorous and amazing, as you should, you want to be your most beautiful, sexy, and mesmerizing self. What I would suggest is to always choose the shape of the dress that fits you best. That will decrease your shopping time in half. Just look for the right pattern. 

What I suggest as choices for this New Years is either something over the top sparkling and sequenced, or plain, beautiful, womanly, I mean like Marilyn Monroe womanly, RED. It's one night when you can wear ANY color you want, and as many sparkles (well, don't overdo it, everything should be done with class, hide some things, reveal others). So I say, throw the old black dress deep in the closet and pick out something daring, come into the new year confident, full of energy and brilliant!

A good cut out dress is very flattering.

Make sure the sequencing is a good quality one, since the cheaper one's will look....well, cheap. A good friend Ish taught me that.

Check out these options:

now it's only $46.55!! Can't get better than that.
I love Asos, it has an amazing selection and I just discovered it recently.

so simple but so girly and beautiful

I have always loved French Connection sequinsed dresses but they are on the expensive side, and thus I never got one :)

now $80.00
just shine baby!

And the classic Zara dress 
the star of their evening collection
if you can find it in stores
good luck
it's about $80 dollars I believe

That will be all, enjoy your New Years, look mesmerizing, feel even better, dance and have fun fun.

I am going to continue to get ready for my Barcelona/Paris trip. I have picked out all my outfits and they are already in the suitcase. Minor preparations to go. I still don't believe I'm going. I will try to stay away from stores, really, I promise.


  1. mmmm.... obe crvene!! ne bih znala kako da se odlucim... :D

  2. slazem se, ma ja bi ih sve :)


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