Thursday, December 2, 2010

Obsessed with... Over over the knee boots

These Burberry boots for Fall 2010 are miraculous! It might be a little weird to put on boot/pants, but with shorts and a short skirt, the outcome is amazing, as modeled by Sarah Stephens for Tangent magazine.

To give you cheaper options than Burberry, Aldo has some pretty good ones, and a sale is going on. As usual in these times :). It might not be the "real deal" but it comes close, and let's not go crazy in this economy. 

The Aldo Manzi boot is only 179.00 and it's leather. 
The Aldo Bullins boot is even cheaper, 120, but for this price we have to say hello to synthetics.

One is a dream, the others are the reality. I always say that going into an expensive store and buying everything you want without looking at the price (every girls dream) is in reality nothing special. There is no searching, deciding, weighing your options, and in the end you don't appreciate what you bought. You have to look at catwalks and find the same things in a much cheaper version. That's the fun of it and not to mention that you have to be very creative. Look at us girls, we have the biggest smile on our faces when we get out of the store with just the right boots. Now that's shopping!

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