Thursday, December 9, 2010

Obsessed with... FURRRR

Now, all those animal lovers out there. I understand. I am not making you wear fur, and the same way, you shouldn't make me not wear it :). But stay calm. I don't own a real piece of fur anyway, since they are way too expensive. So I have to get by with some look-a-likes. The trick is to find the one that doesn't look like a dead animal, but stylish and glamorous. Here are some wonderfully expensive examples... ah... the world of fantasy in magazines.

note the furryliscious Yves Saint Laurent shoes. Heaven.

With this you can have some ideas how to wear it. It can go in any combination. Actually, the more sporty the outfit is, the more I like the fur on top of it. Don't take this statement to the extremes, I'm not saying your ugly high school sweats + fur make really good babies. No no oh really No. However, play it up with jeans, military boots, a cute hat, some knits thrown on. Make yourself comfy and warm, because there is nothing that will keep you warmer than fur (for the romantics out there, if any left, love can still be the ultimate heater).

Now - the more realistic options, girls. With fur you have to be really careful. These are good options, but you don't really know what you are buying until you see it. I've found that darker furs look "less" fake. So I would say go with that. Bebe has many great faux fur options this season, not many on their online website, so hit the road ladies. 

I'm not a big fan of the last option, two toned furs can get a big messy when they are fake. Stick to solid dark colors. 

Also, plumpier girls... I suggest you don't wear fur that just adds an extra (heavy) layer. Option for the belted version, or if you must do it, shorter one. Accentuate your good parts, not the bad ones.

A little extra for fur crazies: Fur Bags are all the craze. I saw one in H&M this afternoon but I believe Aldo has a better version, and a better quality one, if you can call it that way.

This Dolce and Gabbana one is creazy cute, even though I am not a big fan of the brand.

Let's get back to Earth
nice landing
wasn't it?

If I don't stop shopping soon, I will have no money left to spend in Paris. Seriously.

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