Friday, February 11, 2011

W Hotels Global Glam Fall 2011 - New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

I don't have a degree in fashion, nor have I ever claimed to have one. I am purely an observer of a beautiful art that fascinates me. I follow my heart and write about a trend, an image, a vision that captures my attention and inspires me in an instant. I often make a judgment about a month's work of a designer in just under a second. It is very unfair but never the less, a reality of our fast paced, attention grabbing society. I offer you my thoughts, inspirations and judgments...of a purely subjective nature.

I had a great opportunity of attending the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the W Hotels Global Glam Fall 2011 Presentation of designers Eugenia Kim, Mara Hoffman, Twinkle by Wenlan, Clare Vivier, Deepa Gurnani, Noir, Paola Hernandez, I-Luck, Myne, Posse, Shaesby, Sibilia, Catherine Nicole, Yarnz, and Contego Eyewear.

It was an amazing space, with ridiculously delicious cocktails, a very fashionable quirky crowd and of course, great designs. I feel in love with two pairs of shoes which you can see bellow. I have to thank my dear friend Maya for having the opportunity to see this presentation. 

I always think that I need to buy a professional camera and capture the moments in a much different light, but my poor little camera's pictures will have to do for now.

cmok <3

Bohemian with a touch of disco lights

CLICK to enlarge

My jewel-envy friend
Multiple shoe personalities

Sequins to die for + never go anywhere without your camera

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  1. onaj drugi par cipelica, tj. oba para na pertlanje su tako mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... zelenim! xoxoxo


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