Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wish list: J.Crew cape sweater

Welcome to the new section of my blog, where all the highly desired and probably very unnecessary objects form a unique got-to-have-it list. As I hope I am in real life, I will never be unrealistic on this list. It will always be something that I can afford but if you put all those items together, I wouldn't be able to have them all. Those McQueen booties will never be on this list, at least not for now. Please join me in my sighs while looking at these photos and remember I am always open to critiques (ex. that's ugly and you don't need it, go with the previous wish list item, at least that one is something that can be worn on the street!)

First on the list: The J.Crew cape sweater. When I first saw it, I loved it. Now when it's on sale, I love it even more. Down from $198 to $129.99, still a bit steep but MAYBE doable. If I don't shop for another two weeks. If it's still there. Damn those sale-grabbing people. Why don't they always have bellies and grab size L only? Buy here. (crossing my fingers that you are buying it for me :))

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