Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm in love with a shoe!

I have to say that this kind of love I have not experienced yet... I'm not saying that there was never a sandal here and there, an occasional one night stand with a stiletto, but this is different, this is true love

We met in the chaotic Macy's shoe department, on the corner of 34th St. and Broadway. Way above on the 5th Floor, on a glorious white pedestal, there it was - the shoe. My eyes watered, sparkled in awe, a few blinks followed and my hand moved swiftly towards it. To touch, to feel, to experience. As it it usually goes with such encounters - sheer disappointment follows as the number on the bottom signifies an incompatibility. Lo and behold, there was a red sticker. A red sticker that brought a wide smile to my face. In an ecstatic rush, I grabbed the first salesperson and demanded a proper, fitting acquaintance. The service was unusually fast (anyone that knows Macy's will understand) and my relationship began. As I swirled and twirled in front of the mirror, the busy floor seemed to have been transformed into a paradise. That is, until the words "the right one should be somewhere on the floor" shattered my illusion. I was puzzled, my heart started to beat faster and I thought "You mean, I have to find it in all of this?" The answer was clear. I knew I had to fight for true love and so I have began my journey through the jungle of angry tourists, furious salespeople and a graveyard of unwanted shoes. About 45 minutes later, a dozen clearance racks, and too many glances at the floor, I realized that maybe we are just not meant to be. To give it a one last shot, I looked again. The second I saw those beige laces, I grabbed them. My calculation showed that it could possibly be it. I couldn't have looked inside any faster. Happiness overcame me as soon as I saw that small printed 7.5M. 

I knew, this will be forever. Without further ado, introducing my true love:

have a fling with my love - here

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