Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Real: How to wear a white lace dress

Umm... you must be thinking... who is this girl to tell me how to wear anything? Well, I didn't mean to be bossy in my title but "suggestions on how to wear a white lace dress" might not be as punchy or attention grabbing. I will take the risk of sounding a bit preachy for you to see how a simple but overwhelmingly beautiful white lace dress (thank you my friends for giving me such an inspiring present) can be worn in many occasions and look just the way you want it. From casual, a night out, to a girly brunch, there is a lot of room for imagination. 

Oh, did I mention that my stuff doesn't cost a fortune? No need to break the piggy bank.

Dress worn in all the photos is a zara white lace dress from the spring summer 2012 collection. Buy it here ($89.90) and get imaginative.

All photos by Alessandra Agurcia <3
(p.s. click on images for BIG versions)

Starting off with a casual look
very city chic

I love pairing a military jacket with such a delicate lace dress. Add on some comfy boots and a belt to keep the shape... perfect for a day out in the city

jacket: h&m
boots: zara
belt: h&m
headband: zara
watch: michael kors
glasses: ray ban
bracelets: one by h&m, 
other made in barcelona
rings: vintage

Another casual look
perfect for a sunday funday

Never think that shirts can't be worn over dresses. Why not? Is there a rule book on this? I liked to keep girly accessories, like wedges, pearls and sparkles, just so I don't look like a farm girl.

dress: zara
plaid shirt: h&m
bag: zara
wedges: jessica simpson
jewelry: forever21

Let's bring it up a noch with a 
girly look

 I am wearing flats! But these are an elegant pair (sara version of the valentino stunners)
My favorite costume jewelry necklace over a closed front dress - it's just what I like + pink lipstick

dress: zara
shoes: zara
necklace: forever21
love that one
glasses: ray ban

Now we're going for 
the clubbing look.

I adore this jacket as it can be worn over anything. I like to toughen it up with red lipstick and killer heels. These are very very high, I am almost as tall as a model in these ;), got to get in those clubs.

dress: zara
jacket: zara
clutch: random, alexander mcqueen rip off.
 love the nyc stores for variety
ring: h&m
shoes: jessica simpson

And last but not least
Girly with a neon detail

Want to look sexy and sweet at the same time. 
Maybe for a date night, outing with the girls...
I love neutral heels as they elongate my legs 
(being a tiny squirt as I am, that's a good thing)

dress: zara
belt: forever21
watch: michael kors
bracelets: h&m
ring: forever21
heels: zara

Don't be so boring and try some of this out.
Also, what's your favorite? Comment bellow!



  1. Don't look like a farm girl & Almost as tall as a model in flats <3

    1. Hvala tico, i nisam ni primetila tu gresku :)

  2. Ne uspevam da se odlucim koji mi se vise dopada! Sviiiiiii :))))

  3. So lovely lace dress
    Love see it with the leather jacket

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  4. i like the one wear you pair it up with the leather boots :) my next college outfit! thanks!

  5. Love the white lace dress, but where can you get it???

    1. It's Zara. I'm sure they will have similar ones in the coming spring collection. Otherwise, try asos.com for something similar. <3


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