Monday, March 28, 2011

Please give me your stuff: Olivia Palermo

I didn't know who this all smiles, curly lashes, with a perfect long bob girl was. I just saw a lot of photos of her and I always thought - "I love her outfit." My lack of knowledge of her identity can be attributed to my disgust of reality television. She was on The City that aired on MTV. I am sure she is much more then the TV-created drama. Since I found and saved many of her beautiful outfits, I looked up some things about her and found she is a daughter of a property developer and a American Vogue former editor (now an interior designer) that grew up a bit in NYC and a bit in Connecticut. She is a classic new york new york socialite that lives in Dumbo, Brooklyn with her model boyfriend, loves Cafe Gitane and Indochine and the Dumbo park overlooking the Manhattan sky line. She hangs out dowtown but has that uptown flare.

What a combination. But that's not all, what I loved most about her outfits is that they are very lady like for events and can be totally casual for the day time. Her casual looks are actually my favorite. So effortless and so beautiful. Completely not over the top. When you see a girl like this you even think to yourself - "I can look like this too," but as she lowers her Audrey Hepburn like lashes, you think again - "Maybe not."

Note how she reuses shoes (which gives us hope that a closet doesn't have to be in a separate apartment), has an abundance of flats, and I just dare you to look at how perfect her hair is.

orange is just amazing on her

I would never put this together but when I see it... it is just amazing. Gasp.


my spring outfit


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm zelim SVE sem one ljubicaste haljine :)

  2. semitra va eliros kieh asda vejrio


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