Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cheap and Chic - A Guide to Bright Accessories

I have went on color overdose at Zara the other day. My bank account was in severe pain. On the other hand, I felt great. But if you are a boring black and white person even THIS season, I suggested a quick fix - a crazy colored bag or shoe. It will brighten up any outfit, however gray scale it may be. All of these pretty cheap so I suggest buying five :). Well, not unless you are getting your paycheck the next day. Who needs groceries, right?

I will make this post short since I am longing for more than 6 hours of sleep tonight, even though the possibility of that seems unlikely at this point. Ugh. You know, I have a job (or three) and a life where I need to do stuff. But my addiction takes over. Gosh, saying this I feel like Dexter (who knows, knows).


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