Friday, May 17, 2013

Real: How to wear sweatpants

I got this awesome pair of sweatpants from bershka and I had to make an outfit with them (besides fashioning them around the house which I really consider a waste). I'm not the type to wear sweatpants in public (yikes) but I think this has become acceptable these days. Also, it was Sunday and I was feeling a bit lazy. And may I say that I was never more comfortable in public. You forget how constricting are regular pants and jeans. This was soft and awesome.

I think the most important thing to think about when wearing sweatpants is how to dress them up. If you just wear a t-shirt and flip-flops  it will definitely not look good. Opposites attract. So do glam and casual clothes. 

I paired it with a cute graphic-t, flats, some costume jewelry (my favorite bib necklace) for an added chic effect and pink lipstick. It's not as if I just put my hair in a pony tail and ran out the house. Didn't really want people to think I was going running. I mean, I didn't want to ruin my reputation. 

I'm wearing:

Sweatpants - Bershka
Blazer - unknown
Leather jacker - Zara
Graphic T-shirt - Zara
Flats - Bershka 
Necklace - Forever21
Sunglasses - RayBan

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