Monday, October 29, 2012

Miroslava Duma Fashion Week Style 2012

While I hear the wind pounding down my windows in New York due to this lovely hurricane which decided to hit us, I am working on all these posts I've had on my mind for a while. I'm also raiding the fridge every twenty minutes. That's what happens when you're home. I'll try not to eat too much nutella. Let's see how that one goes.

Now, on to the real stuff. Miroslava Duma has been hitting the fashion weeks in very retro pieces, color blocked, geometrical, always with a beautiful piece of costume jewelry for added effect. She turned to print a few times - the dog print summer dress, the flower print dress as well the mesmerizing green flower blouse she paired with denim shorts. Nothing short of genius. She also wore some of-the-moment pieces like the Balenciaga sweatshirt and the german shepherd Givenchy jacket. 

Why I love her style? She plays with colors, accessories, new prints and trends and incorporates them all together perfectly.

For your viewing pleasure... Miroslava Duma.

I love everything about this, from the trendy fall colors, to the leather pants and those gorgeous strappy sandals.
Love how casual and put together this looks. denim rocks. more about this in my next post! stay tuned.

jeans and a coat which stands out. note the burgundy velvet heels!
Monochrome. Addition of chunky jewelry and carefully thought-out bag.
a perfect summer dress

rocking the givenchy german shepherd jacket with the cutest black hermes cross body bag

The balenciaga sweatshirt worn over nothing with black tights. simple. gorgeous.

This one is my absolute favorite, even the white sock/sandal combination

mix of her looks. I adore the oversize white tailored suit as well as the perfect romper/turban combo she has going on there! Note the reuse of the denim shorts

Three dresses. Three styles.
1/ Denim country dress with a splash of animal print.
2. Asymmetrical print
3. true to her russian roots flower print dress

The fashion wolf pack!

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