Monday, June 25, 2012

Please give me your stuff: Jessica Alba

You might be thinking, why her? I think the photos will tell the story. I dislike picking those celebs that have their clothes constantly picked out by stylists as we don't really know what is actually their style, don't we? I prefer the paparazzi shots (however disturbing it might be to think of someone being constantly followed and photographed, but if I was getting millions, I wouldn't mind, stop bitching celebs, they are giving you free publicity). Those pics are the real deal. Showing them go in and out of grocery stores, children's classes, doctor's appointments and all those freaky little places where you wish nobody would EVER photograph you. It serves the purpose though. It show celebs in their every day outfits which they have picked out themselves. (This is the reason Britney Spears will never be in this section, because of this). Also, you can clearly notice the pattern - the items that define their style.

What defines Jessica's style

Accessories (and lots of them) - this girl is not afraid of a scarf and a hat. Actually she wears them all the time. They match her glasses, flats, bags etc. They warm her up and give a casual feel to all her outfits. We can actually conclude she is obsessed with them. Maybe people can learn from this. And of course - her fedora. In winter or summer.
I especially love when she doubles up - scarf and a hat. That's daring and magnificent. When done right as in the first photo of the second row (stilettos!!)

Colors - She embraces them. Cuddles them. Rocks in them. Enough said.

Blazers (+scarves) - The only piece of outfit that I could die without. I dare you to find a good replacement. I dare you!

Jeans (and pants of all sorts) - There is only a handful of pics of her in dresses, excluding the red carpet section bellow.

Layers - she loves to pile them on, as any scarf loving person does (me, me, although I am sincerely cold all the time except in July and August).

All of the above (scarves, hats, colors, blazers, jeans and layers) - these were too good to leave out.

Skirts and long dresses - some minority garments in her wardrobe. They are probably the first to be deported in the spring cleaning. Just a horrible joke. Every post needs one.

And now... TA DA DA DA! (whaaa whaaa ... pump it up pump it in and let me begin..; who gets it, gets it)

Exactly what you have all been waiting for. The fully staged, sparkling red carpet looks.

If you can pick a favorite from this mush, leave it in the comment bellow (I'll take 5th row, 3rd to the left as the description, just don't write - the one with the scarf, sigh).
But I do like her style, or she wouldn't be in this section. I am just in a sarcastic mood today.



  1. Favorites: Row 1, 1st photo. Row 3, 2nd photo. Row 4, 1st photo. Row 11, first photo.

  2. I love your blog!!!


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