Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obsessed with... Summer Celeb Style Inspiration

Picks of my favorite outfits in these hot months. 

Four trends: shorts, midriff tops, elegant jumpsuits and colors that pop!

P.S. Going Zara shopping tonight. I'll share amy finds!

The Isabel Marant Jacket

Love the simplicity of this, of course the Hermes bag helps...

The print with these pumps is just amazing.

You can never go wrong with skinny jeans and a blazer.

Midriff top and a beautiful print.


Peach jeans. So in right now.

Love the trendy tailored shorts. 

You can't go wrong with the jeans ones either.

The outfit is pure perfection.
Festival wear.

Printer shorts and midriff top. And those nude pumps. Perfection.

What can I say?

Loving her quirky style lately.

That print can not go unnoticed. 

Elegant Looks:

This dress is just too good not to post.
I am sometimes still in princess mode.

Absolutely love elegant jumpsuits. Need to invest in one.

This one is also just beautiful.

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  1. very cool outfits, keep posting, dear and people will follow ;)

    I just followed your lovely blog and liked this post on Bloglovin. Stay in touch ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine


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