Tuesday, February 21, 2012

These should have a new flat's following: Aldo Cyphers

You know when you are waiting for the first spring breeze, the smell of that first flowering tree or the first warm day just so you can get out of your boots, give your toes a wiggle, and take a walk in those cute spring flats you have been dying to wear?

These flats should be the new spring/summer craze and because of their suede comfort, lovely colors and cheap price, I predict they will be. So grab them now ladies and let's wait in our warm rooms until that spring day comes (hugging them while sleeping as we do with all season favorites, of course).

Aldo Cyphers
Just $80

(and No, Aldo is not paying me to say this although I wish they would)

P.S. give me credit for this pic, it took a while to make
hehe jk jk
no, seriously

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