Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bundle up in style!

When Europe is so snowed in and freezing, I am sure everyone just wants to stay in, drink hot cocoa or coffee, watch movies and eat very delish food. However, here I am to wake you up from your slumber party and make you realize that just because you're snowed in, you don't have to put on uggly uggs and look like someone spit you out of a ski resort (with no ski slope around). Fashion doesn't have to go out the window in the cold weather. After these inspiring photos of celebs we all (think we) know so well, and fashion jet setters, you will realize that it can actually be quite inspiring and full of possibilities. 

If I haven't made you pile the clothes on and go for a fashion walk in the snow, at least I made you think you can, that is, if you wanted to get out of your warm little room. 

Fur is always the fashionable choice, and you can get a good fake if you like those little animals. Notice that she is wearing another coat underneath!

Add a belt for a waist in the bulk!

Don't be afraid to try COLOR!


Need I say accessorize??

Shirt, jacket, coat, gloves... pile it on!

Neutral tones all go well together.

Leather jacket and a parka? Why not!

Flowy and bulky... love

Who said you have to give up your shoes? Brace the cold from waist up.

Color much?

Perfection. Miroslava Duma always gets it right.

Now that's an outfit for the Sunday walk.

Love the hat!

Go for structure!

What have we learned?
1. Don't be afraid to colorize!
2. Use all the accessories that winter has to offer.
3. Pile on the layers. One jacket over the other WILL look good.
4. Structured coats are always a good way to go.


  1. Beautiful! :)

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