Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Trend: Red + Pink

While my mother would probably cringe and mumble how horrible I look, I can not help but get swept away in the pink and red craze that has started in the fall season and continues strong into the wonderful ,coming very fast, spring. 

I would stick to the tailored pants/shorts/skirt scenario with a simple shirt on top or the again tailored bottoms with a blazer in the contrasting hue. I think the accessories should be kept in nudes (or black) just so the whole outfit doesn't look clown-like (and we know that people manage to obtain that effect with even less drastic colors).

Crveno i roze vise ne nose samo koze :).

This is absolutely done to perfection. Experts only!


  1. Jedna od omiljenih kombinacija ovog proleca :)

  2. Great color combo! I love that its great for all skintones.

    Sonia Nicole

  3. Crveno i roze:))) I understand:))) I thought you were American.


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