Saturday, October 29, 2011

Obsessed with... The Pattern Skirt

I've seen it everywhere this fall season. It brings color, mesmerizing patterns, and just a little something to clear up the gloomy skies, to warm up our colder days and to just make this season bearable. So put a plain t-shirt on top, or a heavy knit cardigan (in one color unless you are an absolute genius and know how to mix patterns), a plain silky shirt, a nice deep v-neck or anything else that comes to your mind. It doesn't have to be simple, it can have a little something here and there, just don't make yourself into a Christmas tree (I've seen plenty of that happen with such a loud skirt). If your little feet get a bit chilly, put on those dark pantyhose. They can look pretty good too!

Now here are our real-life options:

Asos - $50.32
Asos - $50.32
Asos- $53.91
Asos - $37.74

Asos - $53.91
Forever21 - $16.90
Forever21 - $14.80
Forever21 - $13.80

Asos - $134.78
Forever21 - $22.80
Forever21 - $24.80

Forever21 - $17.80
Forever21 - $24.80

Forever21 - $17.80
Forever21 - $19.80

Josh Goot for Asos - no longer available

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