Saturday, August 27, 2011

Please give me your stuff - Reese Witherspoon

Did I tell you? There is a hurricane headed towards me, scheduled to arrive in about 3 hours. So I have found the prefect way to use the available free time, while the power is still on. It will surely be a new experience for me. I guess you have to try anything once :).

Why did I choose Reese Witherspoon? Because her casual looks are plain, simple, easily doable, and work on pretty much every body. Maybe we can all learn something from striped simplicity, flirty skirts, red carpet dresses that show off your best features (her arms) and hide your worst (her midsection), and the use of your favorite accessories to make every outfit runway worth (that means - pay attention to the DETAILS and it also means that simple can be better, no christmas tree outfits allowed!). Look for how to get her look on the bottom, for very very cheap! :)


Her way to wear jeans - striped and cozy sweaters, big scarves, cute hats and don't forget the shades!

Summer dresses, all you need are cute wedges!

You have to say that she LOOOOOVES her Ray-Bans!

Her winter style - keep the jeans/heels combo, add some Ray-Ban's and a very comfy coat or blazer.

The Red Carpet style - Her dresses can be very simple, usually the same length, perfect for her frame and showing off her shoulders. Beautiful flowy hair and bare shoulders make every red carpet look absolutely stunning.

Cheap and Chic:
Now get her casual, no fuss look
from my favorite "I can't spend five hundred dollars on a shirt" stores - Forever 21, Aldo, Zara and H&M.

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