Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zara Lookbook Spring Summer 2011 May favorites

I am just Zara obsessed... I have way too many pieces from that store, and I would actually buy every single thing in there if I could. However, I do choose H&M for basic pieces and Zara for more tailored ones like blazers, skirts and such. H&M is just cheaper for those, and the cuts on your t-shirts don't matter as much as those on your jacket...

The last two pics are of these amazing color block shoes. I am in love with the combination of orange, red, pink and purple... who would think that it looks that good?

Crveno i roze nose samo koze? I don't think so.

love the summery whites with a pop of color and tailoring

tuff chic, a touch of casual teen tee is always good in a closet

I would add a belt to this, for some added waist and sexiness

love the knit loose vest (and her green nails! MINTY!)

I just couldn't resist these, even though I pledged not to shop for a month.
Talk about setting unrealistic goals for myself....

Loveeee these, if they were cheaper, they would be MINE!

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